Battery Powered Trackers

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Derbyshire Rural Crime Team
Battery Powered Trackers (Non Derbyshire Dales Resident )
Derbyshire Rural Crime Team, working in partnership with Back2You has secured a
number of trackers which can be fitted to Landrovers , Tractors and Trailers This
wil! enable the owner and the Police to monitor any movements of the vehicles
should they be stolen..
What it costs
The cost to you is £100.00 plus VAT which includes a SIM card that will be preinstalled
into the tracker. There are no contracts, no subscription fees, no installation
costs and no wires.
How it works
The tracker will work worldwide and is simple to use. The tracker comes with a
simple step-by-step guide. The tracker will need to be charged up before use. This
will take approximately 8 hours. The charge will last for about 3 months.
Once charged, switch the tracker on and secrete it on the quad bike. The tracker will
be activated when a text message is sent to it.
What you get
With your tracker, you will receive a £15 SIM which should last you a year. The
company gives a 12 month guarantee and free technical help should a problem
The tracker can be monitored on
You can alter the settings of the tracker to allow it to notify you
 if there is any movement of the vehicle it is attached to;
 if the vehicle achieves a certain speed
 if the vehicle leaves the boundary of a pre-arranged area which you have set
How it helps the Rural Crime Team
The company will notify us of all sold trackers to enable us to monitor them.
How to obtain your tracker
The trackers can be purchased from Back2You. Phone 0800 009 6366 and quote
discount code FARM 30 to obtain your tracker for £100.00 plus VAT
Once you have accepted the installation of a dedicated police mobile number as one
of the five available to rec6ive the alerts, the tracker will then be despatched.

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