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Digital Derbyshire comes to Hope and AstonDigital_Derbyshire

Do you want better, faster broadband for your home or business?

Digital Derbyshire is a £34 million partnership between Derbyshire County Council, Broadband Delivery UK, BT, D2N2 Local Enterprise Partnership and the European Regional Development Fund to bring fibre broadband to more than 100,000 premises across the county.

We're laying hundreds of miles of fibre optic cable – which provides a faster broadband connection than the old copper cables – and now it's available to order in large parts of our community.

Fibre broadband can make a huge difference to your everyday life whether it's for online shopping, downloading music, watching films and TV shows over the internet, kids' homework or working from home.

If you run a business in the area then fibre broadband could help you too. Fast and reliable broadband is as important as good road and rail links for businesses today. It can help drive up profits by expanding customer bases, helping to compete in a global marketplace − even from a rural location – and allowing management tasks such as accounting and filing to be done more efficiently and effectively online.

Two green roadside cabinets containing the fibre connection have gone live in Hope and Aston as part of the Digital Derbyshire programme. This is in addition to the commercial coverage which already exists for some homes and businesses in the area.

To order fibre broadband follow these five simple steps:

1. Check if fibre broadband is available in your area and what speeds you might get at

2. Check your current broadband contract. You may be locked in for a particular period of time but some companies may allow you to upgrade.

3. Do your research. Visit for information about comparison websites that allow you to compare broadband packages.

4. Make your decision. Once you have chosen your broadband provider you will need to get in touch with them to place your order. They should explain what you need to do to get up and running.

5. Order and installation. Once you have placed an order for fibre broadband, your provider will tell you how and when your broadband will be installed so you can enjoy the benefits.

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